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Testskoler: List of Schools using Skolelinux

Dear List,

after clearing advertising entries from the database, the amount of 
registered schools has decreased from 155 to 147, now. In case you know 
of any unregistered schools, please make them sign on to ease 
communation with skolelinux using neighbours. Please make sure to 
provide a valid email address and correct geodata (lat/long) at

The map available from 
http://www.skolelinux.no/testskoler/map/skolelinux-europe.png shows a 
red dot in Calabria (Italy), whereas I fail to locate the corresponding 
school in the database. My fault? Or wrong coordinates? Please help me 
to check this.


P.S.: PHP experienced coder are kindly requested to assist in enhancing 
the web based UI for testskoler.

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