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personal experience: the time in oslo and narvik


We are always right busy, but sometimes we should sit down and write one or 
two sentences about some personal/social experiences.

I really enjoyed the time in Oslo and Narvik and want to thank all people who 
were involved. It was a great time. Knuty it was nice to offer me 
accomodation and I enjoyed the Pizza and our talks :)
Werner you are one of the best cooks in the world and you Monika should keep 
an eye on our tallest guy :) *justkidding* It was nice to meet you both and 
thanks for your effort.
Frode although you drank not that much as in Germany it was nice to celebrate 
party together and work a lot :)
Hehe Jorgen maybe one day we will be able to sing as beautiful as Lars and 
Axel ;)
The social events where really cool.
Well guys imagine there was one interesting sentence from Petter to me:
Petter looked at me and said: "Well I am spoken for somebody else"
To explain it, we were talking about immigrating to Norway ;)
Klaus-Ade thanks for our small talk and the beer :)

For me it was also very important to visit Narvik, because my grandfather was 
there during ww2 and it was his dream to visit it again, but now he is dead, 
so thanks that I got the chance and thanks to all the locales it was really 
nice and I won't forget it.

Anyway I can't tell you about every nice event, because there were a lot of 
them and I want to thank all of you again and hope to see you again soon.
Of course we also worked during that time ;)

So thanks for your attention and I hope you enjoyed my "non-technical" mail 
here, because sometimes it is important to also mention these facts.
Here you often get a lot of cheerfulness and then you know again why you are 
working for this project and believe in it.

Greetings and wish you a good night.

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