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[Bug 1004] networked (not only kde) configs, remaining steps


------- Additional Comments From c.gatzemeier@tu-bs.de  2006-04-25 12:59 -------
Affected installation profiles are: server and workstation 
/etc and /var stay local.   
The config in /etc as a whole can't be considered "stackable" or "modularized" 
enough to share among multiple machines.   
Debian-Edu's desktop-profiles package however provides a debian way to keep 
different configuration profiles for users in a system wide directory (Bug 
In our case /usr/share/debian-edu is used for this purpose. 
It should only be shared in the debian-edu network instead of being redundantly 
installed on all workstations and terminal servers.  
This will unify a good part of the configuration for all workstations,  
thin-client-servers, and diskless-workstation servers. Currently you need to 
configure them all seeparately. If you will, it's one level above 
thin-clients/diskless-workstations you where refering to. 
A mistake from above (#2): 
I wrote "add it to automount config for thinclients / workstations" 
Only the workstaton profile would need to import the directory. Of course 
thinclients don't. As thin-client-servers include the workstation profile, they 
should be all set, too, then. 

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