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[Bug 1004] networked (not only kde) configs, remaining steps


------- Additional Comments From werner@skolelinux.no  2006-04-25 09:12 -------
What about the other directories where a software package installs files? /etc/,
/var/ ? And do you plan to make a new profile for this kind of
a-bit-more-thin-than-workstation-profile? I believe that most client-machines
that are available today have enough disk to install all neccessary software in
/usr. If they don't, they are probably more suited as diskless workstations or
thin-clients. Or do I miss something?

I believe there is way to much job to configure and test another profile for the
kind of use you are suggesting here, but that is probably as I don't understand
where this profile can be smart to use where thin-clients, diskless workstations
or thick workstations isn't suited.

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