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Re: Samba, LDAP Sync problem

Am Samstag, den 22 April hub Christian Kuelker folgendes in die Tasten:


(Pulling this back to the list.)
> On Fri, Apr 21, 2006 at 10:00:35PM +0200, Maximilian Wilhelm wrote:
> > Did you store the right password via "smbpasswd -w <pass>"?

> yes I checked that, it was the right password. I choosed a new very
> simple one. I saw that in plain text. There was no message
> about a "wrong" credential.


> I guess it hast somthing to do with the expectation of security of
> connecting. The security forces encyption(my guess), the samba server
> do not give it in my configuration. But instaed of complaining, the 
> request is not qualified to be answerd, the ldap did not ask a 
> (unecrypted) password, but complain, that there should be a given 
> (encypted) password wich was not given.

> read it once more an leave the brackets out,
> and you know why, such an error  massage is logical,
> but not understandable.

> What dou you think about the LDAP option:
> security update_ssf=128  simple_bind=128

> (the hole file at: http://test.cipworx.org/slapd.conf.minimal)

If you tell your LDAP server to expect an encrypted connection for
everything to be done, you have to active TLS/SSL in your samba.conf.
Notice that you have to use the exact hostname mentioned in the
ldap-certificate when connection to the LDAP server.


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