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Prepare for moving the svn repository

I'm working on moving services away from developer.s.n and into
administrator.skolelinux.no.  To prepare the move of the subversion
repository, I ask everyone using the subversion repository to use
svn.skolelinux.no DNS name instead of any of the other names you are
using.  To find out which subversion source you are using, use 'LANG=C
svn info|grep -i URL'.  The output will look like this:

  URL: svn+ssh://cvs.skolelinux.no/repos/skolelinux/trunk

In this case 'cvs.skolelinux.no' is used, and it should be changed to

To switch, use for example the following command when standing in a
checked out copy of svn.

  svn switch --relocate \
    svn+ssh://cvs.skolelinux.no/repos/skolelinux \

Petter Reinholdtsen

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