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Internationalisation of the wikis - Next steps


I have reordered the pages about this process of linking all wikis together
in the Debian.org wiki and added a summary about our discussion.

 The description of the workflow and the linking:
 The summary of our meeting:

On the first page, I added a few ToDo items. This is on the list currently:

 1. Interested volounteers should subscribe to www-int 
 2. Create a commit mailinglist that just receives `CategoryInternational`
traffic (to be done by mailing list admins)
 3. Wait for all admins to add the interwiki links to their wiki
configuration (to be done by wiki admins)
  3b. The wiki.debian.org admin should install a suitable macro for the
search box on the DebianEdu page
 4. Document the process for "ordinary" wiki users
 5. Start working by tagging pages with `CategoryInternational`
 6. Create a list of translators, keep in contact with them
 7. Start with translation tagging

Especially the points 2 and 3 have to be done by administrators. I do not
know the admin of wiki.debian.org and do not know who can create new
mailing lists.
In order to document who is admin in which wiki, I beg the wiki admins to
add their name to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/WikiAdmins. Somebody
should add the name of the wiki.debian.org admin there and contact him.

Because I think that Thierry reads this mail, I specially beg him to add
the interwiki links to the configuration of the french wikis (as described
on the InterwikiNetwork page).

Kind regards,

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