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Re: Spanish Web site


Sorry for the late reply. I now returned from Peru to Switzerland and the last week I was quite busy.

Could anyone give me write permission for the Spanish part of the
Skolelinux Web site? I'd like to update some information. Of course
it would be better if a real Spanish speaking person could do it, but I'm not sure if anyone has volunteered. Though I've seen a little bit
of traffic here about a Spanish group. That would be great!

you are welcome!

please check when

http://wiki.skolelinux.es is alive

you can start to translate english pages from


to the spanish wiki

I was not talking about the Wiki but about the skolelinux.org site. There are two things that annoy me especially: - http://www.skolelinux.org/ does not know about Spanish accept header (i.e. I get redirected to /de even though Spanish has higher priority in my list) - http://www.skolelinux.org/es/get_started/download still links to version 1

Generally there's probably some information that could be improved on in the Spanish part.


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