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Re: Skolelinux 2.0, Thinclients and sound

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
[Trond Mæhlum]

I was told to try to enable the esd-oss wrapper in ldm, so I
commented out this line in /usr/sbin/ldm:

Who told you this?  I told you to look in ldm for the name of the
esddsp program, and I hope you have not misunderstood this to be a
suggestion to rewrite ldm.  It is probably not a good idea to enable
esddsp in ldm as I've been told by Oliver Grawert that using esddsp
break at least firefox.

Ok. Then I musunderstood you.

I recommend testing the problematic applications by running them from
a terminal using 'esddsp <name-of-app>' and see if that helps.  I also
recommend reporting the problem back to the upstream authors, to get
the problematic programs to work with network sound systems.

Actually it does play sound with esddsp, but it plays veeeeery sloooow. It's unusable.


If it helps using esddsp, the solution might be to add wrapper scripts
for the applications in question.


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