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Skolelinux 2.0, Thinclients and sound

I am trying both the diskless workstation approach and the thinclient approach. If we decide to port our installation to Skolelinux 2.0 we would like to have both solutions available.

We use LTSP4.1 today, and use local storage and sound on the thinclients. Of course, this must work on 2.0 also for it to be an option.

Regarding sound, I get all applications that can play esound directly to play. That is Firefox, mplayer and xmms. Other applications that use (I guess) oss, does not play. Examples are Tuxmath and Gcompris. I was told to try to enable the esd-oss wrapper in ldm, so I commented out this line in /usr/sbin/ldm:

esddsp', '-m','--server=%s:16001' % (self.ip)

This gave an error and ldm did not appear, so I added an " ' " to the beginning. So it became

'esddsp', '-m','--server=%s:16001' % (self.ip)

Now ldm appears and I can log in. I still do not get sound in Gcompris and Tuxmath. Both state that no audio is available.

Is there more to it?

Trond Maehlum

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