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Re: Diskless workstation issues


On Wednesday 29 March 2006 19:06, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I believe there is some confusion about terminology here.  I use the
> terms like this, and recommend others do the same:
Yes. Sorry.  

> Diskless workstation
> --------------------
>   Client booting over the net, mounting read-only file system over
> the net from its boot server, running X and all user applications
> locally.  No user applications are executed on the server.  This is
> not the default LTSP configuration, and is enabled using the
> ltsp-make-client script from the debian-edu-config package.  Someone
> used to call these half-thick clients, but I do not like that term.

We can do so.  I must set Thin Client != Diskless workstation in my 
mind! :-)

The diskless workstation runs like normal Workstations in the 10.xxx 
Network. They use LDAP like a Workstation and so on?

Have someone a short description I would also like to test it.
thanks Andreas 

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