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Re: Diskless workstation issues


On Wednesday 29 March 2006 16:20, Trond Mæhlum wrote:
> I am working on getting diskless workstations on Skolelinux2.0. We
> use a custom ip and domain setup. Setting up diskless workstations in
> this environment has been a little complicated. However, I now have
> it up and running except for two issues.
> The automounting of /skole/tjener/home0 does not work. I have to go
> to a console and mount it manually before I login. How can I set it
> to mount it at boot time? I tried to edit /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/fstab to
> contain:
This is a Terminal Server / Workstation Problem. 
You must have Terminal Server in Netgroups. But with your custom IPs you 
must adapt many things like dhcpd and dns.

> /skole/tjener/home0 nfs defaults 0 0
> The diskless workstation doesn't get this.
Diskless Workstations does not mount the home, this is the job of the 
Terminal Server!

> The second thing is audio. I noticed that /dev/sound/dsp and mixer
> was not read/writeable by me. Is there a workaround for this?
Try to use SOUND=Y in lts.conf also look at BUG:1036 on the skolelinux 
bug tracker.

bye Andreas 

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