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Next Skolelinux/Debian-Edu developer gathering (21-23/4-2006)

Dear developers, testers and translators!

We are lucky to have the municipality of Narvik (in the north of
Norway) to host our next developer gathering. In addition to help us
with the location and fix most of the local arrangement, they will
also sponsor travel costs for some of you!

The date for the gathering is set to 21st to 23rd of April, and more
details is on our webpage for this gathering [1]. If you want to
attend, sign yourself up on this page or send an email to
debian-edu@lists.debian.org with your details (as described in the
document [1]).

Unfortunately the member-organization in Norway (FRISK) have limited
amounts of money to spend for this gathering. By limiting our costs at
this gathering we will be able to arrange more gatherings this
year. To be able to do this, we require (as always) all participants
who want reimbursements to send an application to
styret@friprogramvareiskolen.no *prior* to the gathering. No approval
from the board means no money back to you, so make sure this is in
order. We have a zero tolerance policy here :-).

- Werner

[1] http://d.skolelinux.no/info/prosjektet/delprosjekt/agenda_developergathering_2006-04.txt

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