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announcing new service dak


the purpose of this mail is to announce the new Debian-Edu/Skolelinux
archive system on administrator.skolelinux.no

For those who did not took part in former discussions, see [1] for more
information about our plans.

Current status
After some discussion we decided to go for [2]dak for the follow
* more reliable, because many steps are done automatically.
So scripts are checking most part of the package, for instance some
package checks or backups.

* better archive handling with different suites
So we can divide the development and make it easier to work on some parts.

* more flexibility, because it is divided into different "suites"
It is also possible to easy copy packages and the whole package handling
is easier than doing it by hand.

* use of wanna-build for at least 3 architectures
And the architecture handling inside the archive is automagically be
done by dak.

* use a common debian way of uploading and checking packages
Means we will use the same system then Debian.

This software has been installed on administrator.skolelinux.no, and most of 
configuration has been finished. Cron-jobs have been enabled and
test-package uploads are done by the persons who will be the

Current setup
For now the following distributions have been set up:
* etch,
* etch-test,
* sarge,
* sarge-test and
* woody.

Direct Uploads to distributions without -test are not allowed and will be
redirected to -test-distributions. Incoming run and dinstall run are 4
times an hour, so you should find your uploads in the archive really

Packages which are not part of any distribution any more are kept for 28
days in /pool so we can step back easily (even so this is hopefully
rarely needed).

The archive signing key is 0xA26FF456 [3], and is currently singed by 3
ftpmasters. It will expire 2014. We decided not to have yearly changing
archive siging keys as this might confuse our users, but maybe we will
discuss this issue later again.

Now we can go into productive mode with the archive software.
The dak upload area is located under:
When your accounts for dak are created you get an email which briefs you
about the needed configurations.
To get some information about how to get upload rights you can look at:

At first we have to include all the packages which are needed to create
the CD. After that we will try to create our first etch-based daily build,
which will be build by the scripts from our alioth subversion repository.
For that we have to change them a bit.
Then the normal development as all of you know it can continue with the
use of our new dak.

We have still some tasks on our ToDo list which will be fixed soon.
After the other services switched we will drop
ftpnew.skolelinux.org and use ftp.skolelinux.org instead, but we will
announce that in time.

* script for moving packages from -test to stable with the exact version
Currently we are using a script called katha which moves the packages,
but it needs some expansion so that we can also fix the exact version
of the package.

* implement automatic CD creation
The first CD build from our dak will be implemented after the needed
packages are uploaded and in place and the building scripts are available on
administrator.skolelinux.no .

Martin, Werner, Holger and Steffen

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-edu/2006/01/msg00189.html
[2] http://packages.debian.org/stable/devel/dak

In addition to this official announcement we would like to add some personal
comments and cry them out so that they are public (Werner + Steffen):

During the whole configuration and testing period we worked as a team.
Sometimes it was really hard, because we are all individuals with
different time schedules. At this point we really want to thank
Martin and Holger for their great work. Werner and me learnt a lot and
we enjoyed to have you on board.
Especially Martin did a great job, although we bothered him all the time.
So in the name of the whole project: "Thank you very much!!!"

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