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some more documentation for getting started :)

Hi all

I hope all of you enjoyed the two last official announcements
and before we all start to go to many release parties all over the
world here are some additional information first ;)

After the announcements of the release and the new archive system we are
ready to go into productive mode. Here I'd like to give a small overview
about the status of the subproject and point to some significant
information in the wiki. Do not hesitate to give some additional 
information ;)
The different teams are still working on the transition of their
services. You can find a list of the teams at:

To get a complete list of the status look at:

To get a list about the Mailinglists look at:

If you want to know more about dak and the archive policy look at:

If you need a small howto upload a package look at:

If you need an overview about the requested knowledge you can find a
list at:
If you need some help to get the knowledge just write a request to drift
and they will assign a developer to you.

This mail should introduce the start of etch and document some changes
to the subproject. Please read all the documentation carefully.
If there are any questions do not hesitate to ask and please contribute
to let us finish a Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 3.0 etch based release
one day ...

Happy Hacking and Greetings

P.S. If you now feel that it would be very attractive for you to join
the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux-Team but you don't know how please have a
look at:

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