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Re: Second draft: Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0 ready for free use!

Onsdag 15 mars 2006 13:57, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
> Including my suggestion of using generic contact addresses rather
> than personal ones, and if not, then for what reason?

It's already added a generic contact with the feedback-list. 

The press and the journalists will talk with real people. They want
strait answers from a person, not a list where somebody calls them
back. Then we introduce lag, because people has to coordinate on an
e-mail-list, and we miss out the deadlines. In Norwegian we say that
this kind of news is "ferskvare" - fresh goods?

The other perspective is that the press love local contacts, in their
own country, or even better, in their own region. They don't want to 
talk to an Norwegian in Germany, or a German when it's a French contact 
who gives the message. Expesially since Skolelinux is a Community based 
disto where alle contributors has equal possibility to help out. 

So when it comes to developing software, the e-maillists and the 
community method gives the best processes. But to say it direct. The 
press does not work that way, and they are setting the standards on how 
things are done. 

In Norway we have some sucess adapting to that. We have 120 press 
articles about Skolelinux in some way in 2005, as examples that our 
interaction with the press works.


Do you know about a Danish school that runs Skolelinux with good 
experience, that could give statements to the press?


Knut Yrvin

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