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Re: Second draft: Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0 ready for free use!

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 14:21:58 +0100
Knut Yrvin <knuty@skolelinux.no> wrote:

> Onsdag 15 mars 2006 13:57, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
> > Including my suggestion of using generic contact addresses rather
> > than personal ones, and if not, then for what reason?
> It's already added a generic contact with the feedback-list. 
> The press and the journalists will talk with real people. They want
> strait answers from a person, not a list where somebody calls them
> back.

Thanks for clarifying (and for responding at all to my suggestion).

> Do you know about a Danish school that runs Skolelinux with good 
> experience, that could give statements to the press?

I don't know of *any* schools in Denmark using Skolelinux,
unfortunately. Else I would have already made sure they were registered
as such.

 - Jonas

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