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Re: 6 GB in .xsession-errors !

torsdag 9. mars 2006, 15:46, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> Dear List,
> these days, home0 ran out of space.
> when I checked, I found that some users had .xsession-errors files in
> their homes >> 1 GB. So, this was easy to fix. As I was in a hurry to
> re-activate the system, I didn't check what contents where there, but
> 	rm ...home0/*/.xsession-errors
> which took some minutes.
> The biggest log belonged to a pupil of mine who does Qt3 development.
> Also we sent messages to foreign displays in this course. So this
> could be the source for the gigantic log file.
> Italc could be anouther candidate, but less likely. Any hints for
> this? Any way to avoid oversized log files (logrotate on userspace?)
> Regards
> Ralf
Well known problem :-)

I have a personal workaround:
"8.10.1. Stopping the File .xsession-error From Filling up Your Entire 
Hard Drive"

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