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Re: Spanish profile translations

Hi Werner

I've tested the daily build from yesterday, and it was not english
templates describing the profiles. My Spanish is not existing at all,
but I could not recognize any english there. :)

The rest of the debconf templates also seemed to be Spanish, so can
you please test once more?

Very strange. I downloaded ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/cd-sarge/debian- edu-i386-binary-1.raw - that is the right image, isn't it?

Just downloaded it again tonight and tried to install now. The profile descriptions are still in English. While the title is "[!!] Elegir el perfil de Debian-Edu", which obviously is Spanish, all the texts are in English (e.g. "The profiles you choose determine how the machine can be used...")

I tested a few more languages (without knowing if those are actually translated) and have found the same problem for at least French, Portuguese and Portuguese Brazil.

Does anyone have an idea why this happens? I am putting a bug as a BLOCKER into the bug reporting system until this is resolved.


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