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Re: the .org proposal or "join forces"


Am Mittwoch, den 07.12.2005, 10:41 +0100 schrieb Steffen Joeris: 
> As discussed on irc I start a thread about the ".org" proposal.
> Ok at first a short summary.
> What about working more on www.skolelinux.org and doing blogs on
> planet.skolelinux.org, getting email accounts on @skolelinux.org and having a 
> space called people.skolelinux.org .
> So we can provide general information of the development of 
> Skolelinux/Debian-Edu there (of course in english).

my evaluation of different systems/technologies has led me to believe,
we should use different servers for different purposes and try to
integrate them as much as possible, so that we can have single-sign on
for all services, similar look and feel for the user no matter what
service is used and benefit from the respective strength of each tool.

I suggest to have servers for:

* Content Management System
* Blogs
* Planet
* Documentation with Docbook
* Wiki
* Bugtracking

The site could be split into different subdomains reflecting the
different users rather than technologies:

* www.skolelinux.org (International Portal)
* blogs.skolelinux.org (Blogs)
* planet.skolelinux.org (Planet)
* people.skolelinux.org (Pages about members)
* wiki.skolelinux.org (Wiki)
* doc.skolelinux.org (Documentation)
* bugs.skolelinux.org (Bugtracking)

Proven solutions that seem to work well imho are:

* MoinMoin for the Wiki
* Wordpress for Blogging

I installed and tested a few systems and found them not completely

* Zope/Plone 2.1
  + good translation features with LinguaPlone 0.9-beta
  + nice defaults with many features (Events, News, ...)
  + lots of extensions (products)
  - little bit slow
  - no shell access to upload/edit content

* Daisy (http://cocoondev.org/daisy/)
  + full XSLT and CSS support for skins (very easy to change the layout)
  + Versioned content (best data model I ever saw in a CMS:
  + inbuild validating WYSIWYG XML-Editor
  + support for custom DTDs
  + PDF output out of the box
  ? shell access to upload/edit content
  - lots of processes (servers) have to run
  - little documentation
  - needs JAVA

* Drupal
  + easy to install and maintain
  + lots of extensions (modules)
  ? shell access to upload/edit content

I personally like some features of Daisy a lot (XSLT/CSS for
template/skinning) and the really well designed data model. However
Zope/Plone and Drupal seem to be more suitable for a production
environment at the moment. I also find that CMS generally require users
to use the webinterface to edit/upload content anoying. I would prefer a
solution with a repository on filesystem or CVS/SVN level that can be
accessed with standard tools and contains easy to
understand/maintain/edit XML files conforming to a DTD to store content.


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