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Re: the .org proposal or "join forces"

Hello Stefen

Thanks for this proposition,

For the first topic:

Several month ago, as we started to work in the project, we're told to not work
too much on skolelinux.org ... The plone system has a lot of bug, and
everything will be migrated to an Ezplubish system ... this work, made by Alex
B. was announced for september 2005 ...

For the french team, we've translated all the waiting pages on the portal...
Therefor i agree with your proposal to work more on skolelinux.org

As far as I can see, the're not a lot of new things on the portal.

To enforce your proposal, if the plone system is still a problem, we can propose
to replace it with a Spip system, which is powerfull free CMS. see

For the second topic:

The Debian-edu developper program is a very goog idea.
The goal is to win new participants, we just have to take care on this process
to make the participation easier...not harder...
I think that the welcoming of new participants is a part of this project, were
we have to bo better than what is done at the moment.
For this a topic on this subject would be usefull

French Skolelinux team

Steffen Joeris <Steffen.Joeris@skolelinux.de>:

> Hi
> As discussed on irc I start a thread about the ".org" proposal.
> Ok at first a short summary.
> As all of you know we are organized in local teams.
> There is a french team, a german team, .... and so on ....
> Well there are reasons for that. Some tasks have to be done alone (for
> example
> a german translation). But there are many tasks especially in the development
> where we have to stick together. Of course we are all working on
> developer.skolelinux.no and so the developers are already working together.
> But nevertheless we can stick more together with the ".org" proposal, means:
> What about working more on www.skolelinux.org and doing blogs on
> planet.skolelinux.org, getting email accounts on @skolelinux.org and having a
> space called people.skolelinux.org .
> So we can provide general information of the development of
> Skolelinux/Debian-Edu there (of course in english).
> If we agree there is an other topic which has to be discussed here:
> As a few of you know in the german team we started a process called
> "New Member Process" were we take care of the new member and see that we can
> integrate him/her and that he/she can get the work he/she wants to do.
> (It would be nice if someone else from the german team can describe the
> process here!!!).
> To summarize the intention of the ".org"-proposal in one sentence let me say:
> "We are one project and we should stick together and join forces and we have
> to show it, so let the skolelinux development become stronger with that."
> I hope that I can make it clear what the ".org"-proposal means and why i
> started this thread.
> Greetings
> Steffen

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