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Re: the .org proposal or "join forces"

Steffen Joeris wrote
What about working more on www.skolelinux.org and doing blogs on
planet.skolelinux.org, getting email accounts on @skolelinux.org and having a space called people.skolelinux.org . So we can provide general information of the development of Skolelinux/Debian-Edu there (of course in english).

But why "of course in english"?

The german team is researching and evaluating software for quite some time
now to come up with a technical solution which has to provide us with...
 . different tools (cms/portal, wiki, blog, planet, email, ...)
 . all this integrated -- as seemless as neccessary -- into a whole site
 . support for different workflow (from none/loose to specific)
 . flexible but efficient support for responsabilities
 . good support for translation of all relevant pieces of the site
 . decent syntax-/file-/doctypes support and import/export mechanisms

Its intended to be the base for a renewed portal which can and *is* used
by as many Debian-edu'ers and Free Schoolsoftware activists as possible.
(In opposite to the not-so-well-connected 'portals' used by the different
groups up to now.)

Biggest hurdle since the beginning:
To have the technical basement for an /integrated/ easy and nice translation
workflow. Not everyone of us wants to have to work with DocBook- and
.po-files for "getting the job done". ;-)
We regard this as a key feature.

As i've looked at those french wikipages (that were just recently mentioned
as the french guys asked for CVS) i realized that there are quite some
things going on which lack attention, reviewing and translation by/for all
of us.

A good shared portal should attenuate this itch.

My 2 cent.
Best wishes,

PS: Would it be a hassle to go for debian-edu.org?

Anything one man can imagine other men can make real.
    -- Jules Verne

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