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Re: the .org proposal or "join forces"

On 10:41 Wed 07 Dec     , Steffen Joeris wrote:
> Hi
> As discussed on irc I start a thread about the ".org" proposal.
> Ok at first a short summary.
> As all of you know we are organized in local teams.
> There is a french team, a german team, .... and so on ....
> Well there are reasons for that. Some tasks have to be done alone (for example 
> a german translation). But there are many tasks especially in the development 
> where we have to stick together. Of course we are all working on 
> developer.skolelinux.no and so the developers are already working together.
> But nevertheless we can stick more together with the ".org" proposal, means:
> What about working more on www.skolelinux.org and doing blogs on
> planet.skolelinux.org, getting email accounts on @skolelinux.org and having a 
> space called people.skolelinux.org .
> So we can provide general information of the development of 
> Skolelinux/Debian-Edu there (of course in english).

hmm, that's very interesting and of course I agree with you.  I think
that each team don't really know what the others do, thus maybe some
stuffs will be done twice, and that's the bad way.

> If we agree there is an other topic which has to be discussed here:
> As a few of you know in the german team we started a process called 
> "New Member Process" were we take care of the new member and see that we can 
> integrate him/her and that he/she can get the work he/she wants to do.
> (It would be nice if someone else from the german team can describe the 
> process here!!!).

Yes, I think so.
But I hope not so hard than becoming official debian developper ;)

> To summarize the intention of the ".org"-proposal in one sentence let me say:
> "We are one project and we should stick together and join forces and we have 
> to show it, so let the skolelinux development become stronger with that."
> I hope that I can make it clear what the ".org"-proposal means and why i 
> started this thread.

Xavier Oswald

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