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Re: backport for ooo2

søndag 27. november 2005, 14:29, skrev Knut Yrvin:
> Søndag 27. november 2005 06:31, skrev Gjermund Skogstad:
> > My experience with OpenOffice2 is that it's solid.
> > (Actually, my Kmail is more liable to crash than OpenOffice2)
> OpenOffice2 crashes when handlng footnotes, making drawings, and
> correcting graphs from e.g Calc to Impress, or from Calc to Writer.
> Impress is crashing more than all Calc and Writer all together. And
> drawings the second most. My experience is from many presentations[1]
> and documents with 40-60 pages[2]. The same documents did not cause any
> problems when using OpenOffice1.1.
Ok, if U say so it's probably as usual true :)
I've tried to provoke OO2 to crash like you've described, but failed miserably 
using both small (16p) and large(128p) documents. Perhaps you may point me to 
some sample-documents which gives an adequate context for me also to make it 
crash in? I'm thinking that it might be me not playing in the same league as 
you, with document complexity in mind. 

All jokes aside, it's not good to promote use of a program or a system if it 
contains "showstoppers". Bear in mind that this obviously goes both ways; not 
good to be to chicken with regards to these issues either. 
(Taking care not to suggest that chickenness applies to any one in 
particular :)

Gjermund Skogstad

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