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Re: backport for ooo2


Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> So if the backport of OOo2 provided by Rene, means that the
> OOo-debian-team will continue to provide a backport (also security
> patched if needed), then I'm willing to include the backport. But Only

As long as it's possible (no one knows what Sun will do but I don't
guess they will completely break gcc 3.3) I will.

> after I've tested to rebuild the packages. I don't want to end up like
> we've done with the woody-version, with a version where we have no source.

They build fine in pbuilder/sbuild if you get a j2sdk1.4 package which work
(the blackdown one on gwdg is broken, failing preinst). nobse did build
-1bpo2 and -1bpo3 himself after I gave him the source.
So that shouldn't be a problem.

Of course, the wole decision is yours and I don't want to intervene in
there. I just wanted to tell that this backport is the official one done
by me and want to defend myself against "there's no/broken nn,nb spellchecking" and such things...



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