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Re: skolelinux gathering in january 2006

Am Donnerstag 24 November 2005 22:59 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> This page was a bit too German for me and my language skills. :)

Hi Petter, agreed: it was hard to spot which subpages where in English. 
Some translations was done, now - please go on ;)

The meeting takes place in a Skolelinux school where pupils maintain and 
supervise a "Selbstlernzentrum" (SLZ/Self-learning center). The SLZ was 
installed in order to provide high school students (aged 16+) a room 
for self-controlled studies and research. 

It is members of this circle of students who organize the meeting, even 
though the event is supported by the school's administration.

Please correct, in case I got anything wrong, Katha. BTW: Congrat's for 
your name's day...


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