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Re: skolelinux gathering in january 2006

i am sending this mail again because we want as many of you as possible to come!!!

> Hey Guys,
> a new event is coming soon. We, that means some students from
> Cornelius-Burgh-Gymnasium are organizing our first Skolelinux-gathering in > Erkelenz. And for this event we want to invite you (and we hope to see as
> many of you as
> possible) This gathering will be from Friday the 27th of january 2006 to
> Sunday 29th. We have planed some presentations about education software and
> about the history of skolelinux and a view over the future plans for
> skolelinux(for teachers, students and parents). And of course we have
> planed more "technical" disscussions, as well. ;-) For those of you, who
> are interested we also planed a social
> event like going to a pub in the evening.
> We hope to hear from you soon.
> For more Information just have a look at
> http://www.skolelinux.de/wiki/Erkelenz2006
> Regards SLZ-Team
> representative Katharina Herold

Just an addition, this is the "german gathering" which has been mentioned in
some older threads.


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