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Re: Next developer gathering in Norway: 2-4th of Dec

[Jakob Breivik Grimstveit]
> I myself will not be able to be at the developer gathering (I'm busy
> 'parenting' :-),

I'm busy with family activity myself that saturday/sunday, so I can't
join either.  But I plan to be in forskningsparken from 12:00 this
sunday, to do some testing and fix skolelinux stuff.  I would be happy
to have some company.  I hope to fix some of the easy bugs to allow
people to focus on the more highlevel stuff at the gathering. :)

> so I hope someone will be able to assist me onsite during the
> gathering (food, perhaps arrange lodging, etc). Please contact me
> asap if you're going to the gathering and want to help with this.

I can assist in providing keys to forskningsparken, but not much more.
I might pop by on friday, but will be gone on saturday. :)

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