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debian-edu working weekend

Dear Skoletuxe!
People who might do quick decisions, may consider
our "Skolelinux / Debian-edu working weekend":
>From Friday 2005-11-18 (after 19:00h)
till Sunday 2005-11-20
we hold a small gathering in the german test-center
in Guetersloh.
Some topics are:
* Syncing the skolelinux.de wiki with skolelinux.org
  Plone system.
* Experience with Plone (progress and usage-decision) 
* ChristianKuelker: Debian-Edu/CipUX 3.2.9 PRE
* PatrickWinnertz: Short introduction of iTALC
* MarcThomas: KLatin and other
If you are interested, please sign up in the wiki at:
and write a mail with you topic to me.
Christian Kuelker
Language Coordinator Skolelinux German Team

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