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Speech about Skolelinux the last 24 days

Nov. 17th at NITH (Norwegian Information Techology University College) 
  local time: 13:15-15:00 (Norwegian)
  About managing an ICT operation with ITIL (Service delivery
  service support)


Nov 15th at University of Oslo. 
  local time: 09:15-10:15 (English)
  Speech about free software development i real life


Nov 11th at The Norwegian Special taskforce for ICT. www.sikt.org
  local time: 10:45-12:30 (Norwegian)

  Speech about operation cost, budgets, and why free software is
  important for innovation and libraries


Oct 25-26th at Ålesund University College. Conference about ICT in
  schools (Norwegian)

  Speech about usability, how software tools can improve education,
  and tekno- economical issues


- Knut Yrvin 

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