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Re: PowerPC-based Debian-edu

El Sat, Jul 23, 2005 at 12:54:30PM +0200, Finn-Arne Johansen va escriure:
> -No java on the CD (to my knowledge neither java from sun nor
>  flashplayer from macromedia is supported on LInux on PowerPC). I know
>  there is free alternatives, that even works, but they dont work with
>  the sites the schools want to use.

  There is a PowerPC JDK from IBM that works and is supported by the
  java-package, you can get it from:


  And use the java-package to build the .deb.

  There is no macromedia flashplayer for PowerPC, but I remember reading about
  a setup that used qemu to run the i386 linux version of the player, but
  probably it is too complicated.

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