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Re: PowerPC-based Debian-edu

On Sat, 23 Jul 2005 12:54:30 +0200, Finn-Arne Johansen <faj@bzz.no> wrote :

> Last fall I got a PegasosII powerpc machine from Freescale to play with.
> The deal was that I should try to make this usable as a Skolelinux
> Server, and maybe also as a Thin client. I've kind of achieved both, and
> the result is availible as an installation CD from one of the following:

Hi Finnarne,
I'm writing this from an Internet cafe in Krakow, as I still have not 
returned back home from Debconf. Actually I'm taking the long way back to 
Greece, starting from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, etc. all the way 
to Venezia to take the Ferry back home! Cool trip :-)

I'll be in Greece probably by Thursday, but I can afford to say a few 
things in a short email:

* Basically, I have at my place 4 Pegasos I (or is it 5?) motherboards, 
which were donated by Genesi to further develop and enhance the PowerPC 
skolelinux. I was also given another Peg II system from Debconf to take 
with me, and I'm thankfull that it's a small box. It's also probably one 
of the most travelled Pegasos system out there :-)
* These motherboards will be built to full systems, and at least one will 
be sent to Finnarne to help him test.
* For the rest, nothing has been decided yet, but they'll certainly be 
used as a testbed for a Skolelinux lab, probably be split into 2 groups 
and sent to whomever promises to work mostly on them :-)

Right, I can't think anything else right now... I'll probably be around 
here for a little while more, but if not, I expect I'll reply to any mails 
after Thursday, when I get home.



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