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Re: Educational-specific package popularity-contest

* Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> [050720 13:18]:

> To get some indication on what packages are being used in an
> educational setting, I'm updating the popularity-contest framework to
> make it possible for me to set up a popularity-contest site for
> debian-edu.  I've changed the client package to use HTTP and to be
> able to report to several collectors.  This is present in
> popularity-contest v1.30 in sid.
> The 1.30 package should work on both woody and sarge as well (but give
> some error message to root when executed on woody - fixed in next
> version).

nice thanks

i am snoopy ;-)

Regards/AmicaLinuxement/Viele Gruesse!
Kurt Gramlich
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