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Re: School conference in Spain

Conrad Newton wrote:
From Markus Gamenius on Sunday, 2005-07-03 at 07:40:21 +0200:

I have been invited to hold a talk about Skolelinux at the JPL-conference in Spain. You will find their homepage at http://jornadespl.upc.es/.

My talk will be the inaugural talk of the conference, and I do have one hour to my disposal.

We (Frode Stiansen and I) have been asked to hold an demostration off Skolelinux at 15.30 the 6. of July. We are going to do this in a separat room.

As best I can tell, this talk will be given in Catalonia!

Your audience may be interested in the availability of a Catalan Snofrix:

Two guys did show me an Catalan version off Snøfrix today. They asked if i did know You and the Snøfrix-CD. So I told them about the three off You winning last years NUUG price.

It's true that it is a lot of live CD's down here. I'm starting to think that they do have enough distributions and live CD's in one contry. I hope they could start working on fewer projects so they don't have to do ewerything so many times.



with descriptive pages in Catalan:



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