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Re: Both diskless (thick) and thin clients out of the box?

[Ralf Gesellensetter]
> Some questions must be asked:
> 1. could both ltsp and lessdisk still fit on one single install cd?

Yes.  The new LTSP is ~50k on the CD, pluss some kernel modifications
to get unionfs included.

> 2. Skolelinux seperates the ltsp network in order to
>  - keep traffic out from the backbone

This is the main reason the clients are moved out of the backbone.

>  - keep unsecure (non-encrypted) traffic out

This is not the reason.  We want to encrypt the traffic instead.

> How much "data pollution" can the backbone bear with lessdisks? Is
> there a way to introduce secure protocolls (as with nx)?

Both lessdisks and the new LTSP encrypt the communication between the
clients and the server using ssh, if I am not mistaken.

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