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Re: Both diskless (thick) and thin clients out of the box?

Hi there,

thank you Petter for this innovative idea. More flexibility is always a 
pro. The concept sounds good for having a bunch of not-yet-installed 
remote work stations yet running with lessdisks.

Am Montag, 4. Juli 2005 13:02 schrieb Petter Reinholdtsen:
> The idea is to provide more flexibility out of the box.  If one want
> to use thin clients, these will still stay on a separate network (to
> keep the trafic out of the backbone network).  If one want to use
> thicker clients without any local disks, these can be booted using
> PXE on the backbone network.

Some questions must be asked:
1. could both ltsp and lessdisk still fit on one single install cd?

2. Skolelinux seperates the ltsp network in order to
 - keep traffic out from the backbone
 - keep unsecure (non-encrypted) traffic out
How much "data pollution" can the backbone bear with lessdisks? Is there 
a way to introduce secure protocolls (as with nx)?


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