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Re: KDE and Wikipedia Announce Cooperation

Am Sonntag, 26. Juni 2005 13:36 schrieb Knut Yrvin:
> Today Jimmy Wales, chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation, announced
> the beginning of a cooperation between Wikimedia and the KDE project
> at LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany.
> http://dot.kde.org/1119552379/
> - Knut

Hi Knut, hello list,

yes, this is indeed another good news. Personally, I attended (with two 
of my pupils) to Jimbo's keynotes at Karlsruhe, Friday, 24 July, 10 am. 
Jimbo gave some examples on how to use the planned API:
- amoraK displaying information about the music played
- Kalzium linking to the corresponding element entry in wikipedia [*1]
- KDE clock displaying some event of the day

Additionally, Knowledge would be the KDE front end for reading (and 
editing) articles. 

(I dare not mention that some of the corresponding developers didn't 
even know about that - aparently that news had been kept as secret)

Later on, I talked to Jimbo briefly about possible cooperation between 
schools and Wikimedia/Wikipedia. As for Wikipedia his point of view was 
that it aims rather at readily educated people who left school (and 
starting editing Wikipedia articles with a 8th form would be not a good 
idea at all). But then there is the Wikibooks project; this could be a 
source of information for all ages: from kindergarden up to university.

These are some headlines on the topic:



[*1] On a common dinner with KDE developers on the evening of that day, 
I came to talk with Carsten Niehaus, author of Kalzium. He showed me 
quite a few new features for KDE 3.5. It turned out that there is a 
chance of closer cooperation: Carsten lives not too far from my school 
(25 km) and as a future teacher of chemestry and biology he will 
certainly deliver some further highlights of free learning software 
soon ;)

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