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I've just had my first session with FreeNX in an LTSP environment today. First 
impressions are mixed. The compression is impressive, for flash movies more 
than 100x. But for interactive sessions the latency renders the page almost 
useless. The colour depth is less, some icons are off and text is misplaced 
sometimes. General responsitivity is less than with a clean X session. There 
are bound to be tradeoffs, of course.

From what I understand, the protocol used is diffed pngs, which explain why 
things look a bit strange.

The load on the server when showing graphics intensive apps like flash is 
about the same with and without nx. In other apps it's higher.

The setup was a Sarge based server with LTSP 4.1, packages for NX client built 
in LBE, and a Sarge package for freenx server side as shown on the Ubuntu web 
site. It was a breeze to make work, but a few rough edges during the login 

Does it use less bandwidth? Definitely.
Is it useful? Perhaps. Not definitely.

Ragnar Wisløff
life is a reach. then you gybe.

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