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Re: Important mail for attendees to the developer gathering. Please respond.

Frode Jemtland wrote:
Food for Friday night will be Indian. We are going to Zaika Indian cuisine.
We must send the finale number of participants before 18.00 tomorrow.
I have now informed them that we will be 42, and that we will arrive at 20.30

On Saturday, we have reserved places at Egon byporten.
They wanted us to pre order, and inform them before 15.00 tomorrow. (Think the time has something to do with purchase of ingredients for the weekend.)
We must send the finale number of participants before 18.00 on Saturday.
I have informed them that we will be 43,

Some small changes is neede for Saturday - as we will have to leave Ulsrud at 18:00 latest. Then 15 minutes to the subway (I hate running), 30 minutes donwtown, the expect us some time after 19:00

Here follow three suggestions, from Egon's menu, please pick one, and replay to me as soon as possible. (The translation is done by me, so any miss translation should go on my cape, not Egon's. Pleas correct if anything is very wrong.)

1. Ovnsbakte laksefiléter med brokkoli, sitron og rømme.
1. Ovenbaked salmon fillet with broccoli, citron and sour cream.
2. Entrecôte (180 gr.) med grilltomat, maiskolbe og kryddersmør.
2. Entrecôte (180 gr.) with grilled tomatoes, corn and spicy butter.

Count me in on Entrecôte
 Baked potatoes.
 meat should be more medium-raw.

3. Egon's spareribs med maiskolbe og vår egen barbequesaus.
3. Egon's spareribs with corn and our own barbecue sause.

Vegetarian's, that do not want to/can eat salmon, can take a look at Egon's menu at http://www.egon.no/ (AFAIK/See only in Norwegian. Mail me if you have problem with this.)

Remember to choose what kind of potato's/rise you want..
Potetvalg: Bakt potet, stekte potetbåter, pommes strips eller ris. Potato choice: Baked potato, fried potatoboats, french fries or rise.

Unless explicitly stated, the meat will be medium, the potato will be baked, and it will be served with green ice lettuce with french salad sauce
<HINT>The more standard it get, the easier for me to order.... </HINT>

Respond to me personally. This information probably is not of interest to the list....

Okay - the rest of you do that - since the change in time is nice to know for everyone, I replied broadly

Finn-Arne Johansen, faj@bzz.no
tlf: 37254514 / 92640070

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