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Re: FreeNX

* Ragnar Wisløff <ragnar@skolelinux.no> [050127 16:50]:

> I've just had my first session with FreeNX in an LTSP environment today. First 
> impressions are mixed. The compression is impressive, for flash movies more 
> than 100x. But for interactive sessions the latency renders the page almost 
> useless. The colour depth is less, some icons are off and text is misplaced 
> sometimes. General responsitivity is less than with a clean X session. There 
> are bound to be tradeoffs, of course.
> From what I understand, the protocol used is diffed pngs, which explain why 
> things look a bit strange.
> The load on the server when showing graphics intensive apps like flash is 
> about the same with and without nx. In other apps it's higher.
> The setup was a Sarge based server with LTSP 4.1, packages for NX client built 
> in LBE, and a Sarge package for freenx server side as shown on the Ubuntu web 
> site. It was a breeze to make work, but a few rough edges during the login 
> process.
> Does it use less bandwidth? Definitely.
> Is it useful? Perhaps. Not definitely.

Ralf is using NX very often, perhaps he will demonstrate
something while the developer meeting ;-)

Regards/Viele Gruesse!
kurt.gramlich@lugrav.de   GnuPG Key ID  0xE263 FCD4

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