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GnuPG Keysigning party, at this weekends developer gathering.

It seems like the information about this keysigning party has got a little bit 
lost, (at least for the people I talk to at IRC) so her are all the 
information again, in a new wrapping (Subject) and a link to the page with 
the key's, so fare: 


The original mail follows.

søndag 16. januar 2005, 10:07, skrev Conrad Newton:
> > Another important session is keysigning. Could someone with better
> > knowledge than me when it comes to Keysigning please give us a short
> > "howto prepare for a keysigning" ?
> GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO
> http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/gpg-party.html

Thanks for the HOWTO.

After I have looked throug some of the pages from the HOWTO, I have been
thinking more about keysigning this weekend. We are getten quite packed,
and to get this a little more organiced, I'm now announcing a centraliced
keysigning party on Saturday.

The structure of the keysigning party is going to be like the centraliced
model,  described here:

I'm thinking of making a list like the one in this link
or maybe a list like the output from gpg --fingerprint.
What do you prefere ?

To make this list, I need the following information for the attendees:

Key ID
Key Owner
Key Fingerprint
Key Size
Key Type

If you have your own key in your key ring, you can get all of this
information by running:

$ gpg --fingerprint your.mail@address.org
pub  1024D/992A4B3F 2005-01-01 John Doe <your.mail@address.org>
      Key fingerprint =  1EC8 B1E3 152D FC5C 209F 77EB FA93 0983 993A 4B4F
 sub  1024g/AEDC5435 2005-01-01

On the pub line,  1024 is the "Key Size", D, I think stands for DSA, thats
the "Key Type". After the / is the "Key ID", then the date for when the key
was created. Then follows the "Key Owner". On the next line is the "Key

If all people that wants to attend the keysigning party could send me this
information before, lets say Saturday at 10.00, I can put together a list
of all the keys to lunch, and the signing party can be done right after
that. You do not need to wait until Saturday to send me our information,
this is only a deadline, send the info as soon as possible.

I'll make a webpage to put the information on.

I have not organiced a keysigning party before, any improvement/suggestions
are welcome.

For more information about keysigning, see the link that Conrad sent.


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