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The upcomming developer gathering

I guess it's really not my job, but I would like to address this

In a couple of weeks, we are having a developer gathering in Oslo,
Norway. You may read all about it at

If you are comming please make sure that you are listed, or else we
cant help you find somewhere to sleep. Usually we manage to get
something for people to eat, but please update the list. 

For now, there are 25 persons that are attending, 11 People needing
beds. Does anybody have a sofa to spare ?? 

We are holding this gathering at Ulsrud - a place were we have been
before, and we kind of know the network there. In return, Ulsrud have
asked us to help them with a couple of tasks. 
- They want something like nocat authentication for wireless access. Has
  anyone worked on such a setup before ? (http://nocat.net/)
- They want something like
  integrated into a webmin module, possibly with wlus 
  (Yes, I'm the origin of those script)

There are no sleeping place at the school, So anyone with a free bed,
please come forward.  Since Skolelinux doesn't have that many rich uncles,
we cant afford to send everyone to a hotel. 

Also I've been told that someone is planning some lectures this time: 
 Herman: Video work using Kino and Cinelerra
 Andreas/Max: kerberos authentication
   (but Max is not on the list of people attending the gathering ??)
 Tosten: A sysadmin course.
 Finn-Arne: Hopefully I will be able to set up an installation with 90+
            lessdisks workstations. Hopefully this shouldn't take to
            long to set up , as this already should be working out of
            my sarge-cd.

Another important session is keysigning. Could someone with better
knowledge than me when it comes to Keysigning please give us a short
"howto prepare for a keysigning" ? 

I guess the main task for those days are testing sarge-cd, and fixing
bugs. I know of a couple:
- pam authentication - hopefully this is already fixed by then
- automounting using ldap, may require changes into our ldap tree
- XFS and keyboard setup for thin clients using LTSP. And there needs
  to be some fixing of the thin client kernel for etherboot as well
- I guess there is other things as well. 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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