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Re: The upcomming developer gathering

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On 25-01-2005 14:41, Frode Jemtland wrote:
> søndag 16. januar 2005, 10:07, skrev Conrad Newton:
>>>Another important session is keysigning. Could someone with better
>>>knowledge than me when it comes to Keysigning please give us a short
>>>"howto prepare for a keysigning" ?
>>GnuPG Keysigning Party HOWTO
> Thanks for the HOWTO.
> After I have looked throug some of the pages from the HOWTO, I have been 
> thinking more about keysigning this weekend. We are getten quite packed, and 
> to get this a little more organiced, I'm now announcing a centraliced 
> keysigning party on Saturday.
> The structure of the keysigning party is going to be like the centraliced 
> model,  described here:
> http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/gpg-party.html#ss2.2
> I'm thinking of making a list like the one in this link
> http://www.cryptnet.net/fdp/crypto/gpg-party.html#ss2.4
> or maybe a list like the output from gpg --fingerprint. 

By far the easiest to put together manually is gpg output.

You could probably do it more effectively (and with less risk of errors)
by only asking for people's fingerprints and require that they make
their key public at a specific server (like subkeys.pgp.net) - you could
then automatically retrieve the info (which should be checked at the
party anyway). But that may be too late now.

 - Jonas

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