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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

> > This is actually what we have started on. It is a customized eZ publish
> > package for educational use. When installed this is a ready to use, out
> > of the box, solution for the schools. You can then upload a school logo
> > and then you are done.
> It does not sound to me like you agree, Bård and Herman (and please
> mention who you quote, Bård):
> I believe Herman suggests making an ez-edu package that _depends_ on and
> extends the more generic one. I agree with that approach.
> It sounds like Bård _abandons_ the generic package and makes a parallel
> educational one from scratch. I am aware that you probably want to
> abandon the current ez 2.x package and instead work on a newer core, but
> please do not aim for Skolelinux only: It will then be less relevant for
> adoption in Debian.
Jonas: Ok, sorry if I was unclear. The way I see this packaged is like a 
custom eZ publish debian package. This can be a separate debian package, but 
it does not need to. You can ship several configurations (packages) with the 
eZ publish release package. Basically you want a package which is ready to 
use for the educational use. This can simply be a parameter to the debian 
package to choose a specific kickstart file (which templates, design and 
content to use).

We would both want to have a general package for eZ publish and debian _and_ a 
package specific for educational use. This can be either one .deb package or 
two. I don't think I'm the right person to answer which one is best. Mabye a 
small eZpublish education addon package for the general eZ publish package 
with the .edu package having dependencies on the eZ publish package.

3.x and 2.x are very different but I'm not an expert on debian packages so I'm 
not sure how much the current 2.x package can be re-used.

Bård Farstad
bf@ez.no | eZ systems | http://ez.no

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