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Re: UTF-8 in Debian-Edu

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On 19-01-2005 19:09, Harald Thingelstad wrote:

> But when I said "start using utf-8 all globally", I meant using it as a
> viable option, perhaps even default settings. There are far too many
> archives stored with older charsets to do away with them entirely.
> The situation with Debian right now is, you have to override all the
> defaults.

Ah, thanks: I get your point now.

Suggestion: file a bugreport against the pseudo-package "debian-project"
to always use UTF-8 encoding - that is, if such bugreport hasn't been
filed already.

> Even debian-installer sets a norwegian language installation to use
> ISO-latin, no matter what you set the packages up with.
> (Imagine my surprise when I found the installation system had, not only
> changed my "locales" settings, but initialized the database templates of
> Postgresql with ISO8859-1 instead of UTF-8 (as had been set during
> preconfiguration). Had to re-initialize the whole thing to get it like I
> wanted.)
> Probably, what's left are some few programs where the
> developers/maintainers haven't woken up yet. I hope it's time to smell
> the coffee.

May I suggest you "wake them up" by filing bugreports (priority "low" or
"wishlist" IMHO) wherever you stumble across such obviously bad behaviour.

And for software not yet working in Debian with UTF-8: Track down the
patch at Redhat or whereever and file bugreports (priority "normal"
IMHO) against those packages with the patch attached.

 - Jonas

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