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Re: Is Flash an open standard?

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
The norwegian schools are required to have browsers with Flash support
to be able to participate in some national tests.  This made me
wounder, is Flash an open standard?

I'm aware of some free Flash implementations, but do not know if they
are built based on the specifications or if they base it on other
methods to find out what to implement.

Anyone know?

I'd say it definetly is _not_ an open standard.
There are free implementations yes, but these only support flash
4 and lower properly, no clicking or anything like that (as far
as I know at last).
I use the free implementation myself (and flashblock in firefox:) and it's ok, but since you can't command it to do anything, that won't work.

If flash was open then we'd probably have really good OSS
implementations of _all_ versions of flash by now - and we
don't :( - the versions that are implemented work fine though,
but displays a bit odd sometimes.
Eskild Hustvedt (Zero_Dogg)
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