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gimp2 locale: German only with NX?

Hi there,

I am using a skolelinux LTSP venus 1.0 with backports from Linex 
(KDE3.1) and other places. Gimp2 is version  2.0.6-0kv0 from 
 deb http://www.tu-harburg.de ./ Packages

Now, whenever I try to start gimp as a normal user from thin clients 
(LTSP) I get an error on console: Locale not supported by C Library (or 
sim.) and what ever LANG-variables I use - Gimp starts in English.

When I do the same on the same machine as the same user but via freeNX, 
everything works fine. 

Is this because NX uses _local_ libs to render X menues? In this case, a 
local deinstall of gimp would disable starting gimp remotely (or is it 
something like artlibs?)

Or are there some invisible differences in settings due to the nxagent?

Any hints? It is really annoying, and I just don't know if there is 
packages missing or if the locale settings are broken. 

I already tried

  495  apt-get install localeconf
  497  dpkg-reconfigure console-data
  498  dpkg-reconfigure console-common
  500  dpkg-reconfigure locales
Thanks for any hints.

Similar problem with OOo, BTW

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