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Re: Auto-upgrade packages?

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
Is <URL:http://www.sage-ie.org/slides/case_study/automation/>
something we should be using?

Yes, Something similar to waht I have talked about. I only get a message which Packages are availible for download, not the changelog. not sure If I want the changelog. Often I have already read the changelog. I have tried configuring apt-cron to give me the same feedback but have been unsuccessfull so far. I've Always had opne more thing to test, before I wanted to email the maintainer of cron-apt.

Are there packages availible of this tool ?

hmm - Did I add my script to debian-edu-config or somewhere else ?

I guess not. I'll start to check on that, and if not add it.

// faj

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