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Weekly report week 47, plans for week 48

Done last week:

 - Worked on more sarge security processing. Done with CANs, almost done
   with CVEs.
 - Returned my loaner laptop, didn't find time to begin shopping for a new
   test system.
 - Investigated how to do virtual CD installs of debian-edu on the proliant.
   Unfortunatly, kernel/hardware/network problems make using virtual CDs
   for the second stage impractical. For now, I added a daily test of the
   first stage install of the sarge debian-edu CD.
 - Fixed two problems that were breaking debian-edu CD builds.
 - Set up a web page that gives an overview of the debian-edu CD builds and
   tests, with links to the detailed logs.
 - Automated s390 d-i tests using the hercules emulator. These run
   daily along with my i386, ia64, and sparc d-i tests.
 - Final d-i rc2 builds, web site updates, release announcement draft,
   other release preparation.

Plans for this week:

 - Release d-i rc2 today.
 - Finish checking all relevant CVEs for sarge with the rest of the team,
   post update to release managers.
 - Set up 16 port digiserver for test system's serial consoles.
 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.
 - I'll be on Vacation for Thanksgiving from Wednesday through the end of
   this week, with low availability.
 - Possilbly set up hppa d-i install tests, if the machine arrives before

General TODO list:
 - Assign bugs in the Debian BTS for the items listed in 
   (After verifying/reproducing them).
 - Read over the new English translation of the drift book.
 - Register/tickets for Jan dev meeting

see shy jo

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