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Roadmap, or: Developers feed the Plone :)

Hi there,

users like us are often told by developers like you (how fuzzy the 
border might be) to put our wishes and demands into the bugzilla 
system. And I think this is right :)

Now, how about the other way around? The plone portal is already quite 
well documenting Skolelinux's recent features. How about telling people 
more detailed what to expect for the future? What do you think about 
making the preceding process more transparent there?

You are right, there is already weekly reports on this list - and I 
agree that such details would bore the majority of our Plone's 
visitors. What I am thinking of is a (possibly separate) section 
"Roadmap" that tells potential users about
- LDAP being mostly replaced by Kerberos/Cerebrum
- NX enabling teachers to use there schools desktops from home
- Moving to Sarge
- etc.

Please, don't get me wrong: I just have this idea - and ask you about 
your opinion. If you agree I'll promise to assist ;)

Two more ideas that might be to "small" to put them on the roadmap:
- We could offer downloading some template of a letter to editors of 
school books, asking when they think about releasing the corresponding 
software for Linux platforms (this is a problem in Germany).
- We could offer some Skolelinux related artwork (who can do it?) to be 
used as desktop background (compression friendly = simple areas) or 
welcome logo (kdm). The mascott is a good starting point :)

With kind regards

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